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2:  Ave Maria.

Here is the first offering from my ‘HomeSpun’ music repertoire.
I used the 6-string electric guitar, plus a little addition from the bass, to fill in the bits that were below the range of the 6-string instrument. To get the full benefit of the bass end, you will either need to put it through your hi-fi, or a reasonable set of headphones.
I hope the link works ok and that you enjoy it…

Tap/click on ▶️ 👇, to listen to the file.


If you have any problems with the link, please let me know in the ‘Comments’ section below… uploading the files so they will play, is still in the experimental stages. 



1:  Brief Explanation….

Hi everyone….  

Following this introduction there will be, on as close to a daily basis as possible, a selection of instrumental musical sequences that I created between 1996 and 2010, using 6-string and 12-string guitars, bass…

 a synthesiser keyboard….

and an 8-track mixer…

The mix is very varied, reflecting my own tastes. You may be able to detect my own preferences as I add to the collection.  Let me know when you notice my preferences appearing. 

I will try to remember to include a list of the combination of instruments that I used for each one. 

I originally had a dedicated site where I sold collections of the tunes, but I eventually threw the site open as a “free for all”, where anyone could copy and keep their favourites and/or use/share them with others on their own sites. Hence, many of them pop up fairly regularly all over the Internet.. which pleases me because it is some indication that people are actually enjoying them. 😄👍

All that remains for me to do now, is to find the way to upload the tracks, and then to hope that you enjoy at least some of them😄.  Don’t forget to comment if you have time; whatever you think!😆