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7: Watch This Space!😄


5:  Hallelujah. (Leonard Cohen)

I just used the 12-string electro-acoustic guitar(above) for the underlying arpeggio accompaniment; and the 6-string electric lead guitar(below) for the melody(+ chorus and delay effects-pedals). I didn’t feel the need to add a heavy bass-line to this song.

So… Just two tracks through the…

It’s Leonard Cohen’s (a very complex yet very charismatic character)  “Hallelujah“, with his instantly recognisable haunting quality.      I hope you like it…

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Once upon a time, I would have added a vocal track, but the old larynx isn’t what it was!😆. 

NB… Don’t forget to try these sequences through hi-fi or headset to get closest  to the original sounds. 

Tap/click ▶️ on the ‘player’ 👇



4: The Rose of Mooncoin. 

Here is my version of “The Rose of Mooncoin”, which I created using electro-acoustic 12-string guitar, bass, and synth…. 4 tracks. Click on link…

Best reproduction of original instruments is obtained if you listen via headset or bigger amplified speakers or hi-fi…..

Tap/click ▶️ On ‘player’ 👇


As usual, you may copy and download the file if you wish to keep it. Please add your comments.


3:  The Castle of Dromore. 

Here’s a second offering from my repertoire… “The Castle of Dromore”.

For this one I used electro-acoustic 12-string guitar; electric bass; and synth keyboard…. I mixed 6 tracks in all, to achieve the result you will hear.

Again.. You will get the nearest to the original sound by playing it through a good audio setup, or a reasonable headset….

Tap/click on the link to play it… I hope it works ok for you. Please let me know if you have problems, and I’d appreciate your opinions….

As always… best reproduction of original instruments(especially bass) is obtained by listening via headset or bigger speaker system.

Tap/click ▶️ on ‘player’ 👇