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26: Auld Lang Syne. 

If we only ever engage with one word from this song…. let it be, “kindness“.

This is a version of the song in a mixture of styles… listen right through… you’ll definitely like the ragtime part!

*Please feel free to use this just before midnight on Dec. 31st.  Give it some welly!!  Happy New Year.    🖐😄👍

I used:…and…Click the ▶️ In the ‘player’ below, to listen……

(hi-fi speakers or headset give best reproduction)……👇


May your future be calm, happy, and kind. 



25: Never Alone! OK?

We are all powered by one and the same life-force…. so… how can we ever be lonely?!

We may often feel alone, but we can rest assured that we’re not! 😊👍

I used……to create this one.

Click the ▶️ on the ‘player’…. 👇 … best via headset or hi-fi speakers…..




24: Attitude of Gratitude. 

Whatever your beliefs or otherwise, an ‘attitude of gratitude’ will always produce positive energy, both for you and those around you.

There’s no vital necessity for religious views or beliefs, for us to be grateful for the good things that happen to us… and.. make no mistake… they are happening to us all the time!

If we can focus on the good things.. not forgetting that the things we find difficult are ‘good’ in their own way… then it becomes so easy to count our blessings, and to be grateful… and hence increase the positive energy in the world.

Need to know your purpose??!….


Life is a blessing, whatever it may bring!”  

If the sounds of the following two simple tunes can help to keep us on the positive track, then it was more than worth my while playing, recording and sharing them.

Both done using just the bass.. so they sound best through bigger speakers or a half decent headset….

Click the ▶️s…. 👇…  best via headset or hi-fi speakers  

1)  I tried to pack as many notes into this one as I could.. to remind us that our blessings are many more than we might imagine!… 



 1) Count Your Blessings….

2)  Amazing Grace….