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36:  Farewell Blues…

Although this one is entitled “Farewell Blues”, it is done in the Ragtime style, which renders it a happy tune, where the ‘fare-well’ is meant literally….. i.e. may everything be well with you…..

I played this mainly with the bass…

..with some…. jazz and lead guitars….

…with a bit of assistance from the multi-effects pedal….

Click on ▶️ 👇 and listen via headset or hi-fi speakers for closest to original….



35: ~agr~BassRagBlues!😄

This is bas(s)ically what is stated in the title. 😄img_4501-22I created it on 3 tracks, using bass, jazz, and lead guitars; plus a multi-effects pedal….

Tap/click ▶️ on the small ‘player’👇and listen through bigger speakers or headset to get the best reproduction of the original instruments


I hope you enjoy it.