34: The Isle of Innisfree….

A lovely Irish ballad; the tune of which was used as the theme music of the film, “The Quiet Man“, with John Wayne (1952).

First….. an original recording of the song, by the Dublin City Ramblers(written by Richard Farrelly)….

….and then my own instrumental version, using bass, jazz, and lead guitars…. built from 4 tracks…..

The Song(tap/click this link 👇):-  https://youtu.be/oyfB_fvnJ2g

My guitar version …… Tap/click ▶️ on the small ‘player’👇and listen through bigger speakers or headset to get the best reproduction of the original instruments.



I hope that you enjoy them both. Please let me know if you have any difficulty playing them(drewgalloway@outlook.com).


33: I Wonder…….??

This one is for all the girls I ever kissed, and for a nostalgic journey for any of you who would care to take it with me…..

“I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now?” 😄

I did this a few years ago… built from four tracks… played on the bass and lead electric guitars….

 Tap/click ▶️ on the small ‘player’👇and listen through bigger speakers or headset to get the best reproduction of the original instruments




32: Country Roads….

Who doesn’t know and love the ballad, Country Roads by the late, great musician, John Denver?…

Here’s my rendition, instrumentally, using Jazz, Lead, and Bass guitars on four tracks…..

May this tune take you down your favourite country roads:- 👇 

Tap/click ▶️ on the small ‘player’👇and listen through bigger speakers or headset to get the best reproduction of the original instruments




31: Another ‘Rag’ from, RagtimeRoller!

Two of my email addresses begin with the name, “Ragtimeroller”, simply because I have always loved Ragtime music.. so I combined it with an allusion to my surname!😆. I actually devoted a CD to this genre….I find that even when it is linked with ‘blues’, is is happy, foot-tapping stuff, which never fails to make me smile.. especially when I’m playing it 😄

Here’s one of my favourite Scott Joplin numbers… “Maple Leaf Rag“, using the:


Tap/click ▶️ on the small ‘player’👇and listen through bigger speakers or headset to get the best reproduction of the original instruments

Then… tap your feet and smile!!😆👍….




30:   N.B.. re: Dropbox…

N.B…. If you don’t normally use ‘Dropbox‘, just take out a (totally free) subscription via either the desktop site or the App… which will give you free access to the the ‘Document‘ and/or ‘MP4′ music files that I keep in my Dropbox libraries. 

I’m also working on finding a way of being able to place the actual music files on the ‘HomeSpun’ page, so that you just need to click on the ▶️ to play the tune. I’ll crack it if it’s crackable!😄

Re DropBox…. Don’t worry…  I pay the dues… not you!.. Ok?😄👍

Scroll down to 29 for my Deer Hunter offering. 


29: Another Film Theme. 

I have always liked the theme from,       “The Deer Hunter”.

And… when I was looking for a ‘base tune’ for a project to do a piece for relaxation, it occurred to me that the theme from The Deer Hunter would be ideal.

So.. I created a version of my own, which I hoped could imaginatively replicate the feeling of being ‘washed over by warm flowing water’.

Whether I succeeded, can only really be judged by the effects on each individual listener.

Ok.. it obviously worked for me, but I hope that I am not so vain or presumptive, as to assume it would ‘click’ that way for everyone, so I’d really appreciate your comments, to get some idea of how successful I’ve been with this one. (if you’d prefer to ‘private message’ me…. send reactions to :-ragtimeroller@gmail.com)

I hope that you enjoy it, anyway. 

I used:- Bass, Jazz, and 12-string guitars for this one… helped in the process by a couple of guitar effects pedals. I tried to ‘semi-dissolve’ the melody into the warm flowing backing, so that it just emerges recognisably ‘now and then’.

Here you are, then.. Relax just here :-

(As always… the best effect is gained by listening through good sized speakers or a decent headset… tap/click the underlined link)👇





28: Still Open All Hours!

Hi everyone.

This is just a brief addition to “HomeSpun”, to explain the lack of recent additions to either this or to my “Free Food For Thought” site….

Healthwise, I’m unfortunately going through a rough patch at the moment. But… I’m hoping that I’ll be making regular additions to both sites again, very soon.

Maybe my temporary slow progress will  give you a chance to ‘catch-up’ on either or both of my sites. 😊

In the meantime, the sites are, “Still Open All Hours”, and here’s a small HomeSpun offering (done using just a bass guitar and effects pedal) to prove it!

😄. I created this version when it was the theme music to “Open All Hours” with Ronnie Barker, prior to the current(still as good, in my view) Still Open All Hours” with David Jason…. still as droll,  as nostalgically relaxing, and.. as funny as the original series’. 😆👍. 

I hope you enjoy this version(please let me know if the link doesn’t work for you)….

just click on ▶️ In the mini-player👇 (best reproduction of original instruments is via headset or hi-fi speakers)




27:  Might I refer you to…?

Hi… this is me just taking the opportunity(liberty?!) of reminding you of my other website, in the hope that you will enjoy its diversity as much as you do with my offerings on this “HomeSpun” musical site…. I hope you are enjoying it… well… you’re here, aren’t you!?😆👍

My other set of offerings(now almost 100 of them) is even more diverse than my musical ones, and I hope, along with being enjoyable, provide some ‘food for thought’ at the very least. As you would hopefully expect from me; humour features regularly😆. 

The site can be accessed directly via this link:-

http://www.andrewgallowayrolls.com   ..or via the reminders on Facebook etc. 

….and is entitled, “Free Food For Thought”

See you there?… I hope so. 


26: Auld Lang Syne. 

If we only ever engage with one word from this song…. let it be, “kindness“.

This is a version of the song in a mixture of styles… listen right through… you’ll definitely like the ragtime part!

*Please feel free to use this just before midnight on Dec. 31st.  Give it some welly!!  Happy New Year.    🖐😄👍

I used:…and…Click the ▶️ In the ‘player’ below, to listen……

(hi-fi speakers or headset give best reproduction)……👇



May your future be calm, happy, and kind. 


25: Never Alone! OK?

We are all powered by one and the same life-force…. so… how can we ever be lonely?!

We may often feel alone, but we can rest assured that we’re not! 😊👍

I used……to create this one.

Click the ▶️ on the ‘player’…. 👇 … best via headset or hi-fi speakers…..